Island Defense Standalone

Hello everyone, I am starting out a project at my own free time to develop an island defense standalone game. Island defense is my favourite custom warcraft 3 map and as there is a lack on development for this game, I decided to kickstart my own.

I am going to be the programmer, network engineer, 2d artist and 3d modeller all at the same time. Its gonna be fun xD

Right now I am beginning to work on 3d Modelling for every building and builder we need for the game. The graphics will have a low polygon style and I will probably use toon shaders in the game. Below is a snapshot of what I have so far…


Yupp, these are some models for magnataur hehe.

For the island defense fans out there, progress will be very slow and there is no promised deadline for any release. I have work and school afterall but I will work hard on it 🙂

Thanks for reading! To see further updates and progress on this project, visit


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