Royalty-Free Self-Composed Game Music

For the past few weeks, I have been trying hard at composing my own game music. There was no target genre and I kinda just let my creativity flow. Haha I was able to create a total of 4 tracks and I put them into a mini playlist on my sound cloud. This playlist will be continuously growing so look out for it!

Music is a big part of games and LMMS and many free vst plugins out there is a huge treasure trove of sound effects and music, provided you can use them and make your own. Its like mastering an instrument. For aspiring indie developers like me, this is big because you can reduce your costs 🙂 I would greatly encourage everyone to check out these sound editing applications.

I am allowing people to use my music for free under the creative commons license, royalty-free and the only condition is to include me in the credits. If you love the music or can’t credit me in your project, theres an option to purchase the music as well on bandcamp.

Check out my self-compositions below (download entirely free on soundcloud, creative commons license):

And here’s the link to my bandcamp for purchases:



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