Music Composition (Dungeon Music Loop), Speed 3D Modelling and Free Music Loop(CC0) giveaway!

For the past week I have been messing around with LMMS, which is an audio digital workstation, playing around with synthesizing sounds. I managed to compose a music piece which i titled DungeonLoopEnhanced and like its name suggests, it is meant for dungeon background music in games.

To illustrate where i envision the music to be used, I did a quick 3D cave environment in Blender. The caves are spacious with many tunnels linked to the main chamber. Here’s a screenshot of it below:

Screenshot (33)

Free software like LMMS and Blender is making the process of making a game so much more affordable. Many thanks to the awesome developers behind those software.

Lastly here’s a link to a freebie I made. This music loop is the original version of the music track earlier and I made it Public Domain so feel free to use it in any projects you like, commercial or non commercial. You can download it from soundcloud. Enjoy!


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