Campaign Office (50ON50 Entry)

CampaignOffice_CoverImageGo to the Campaign Office Official Webpage!

Go to the Crowdfunding Website!

**UPDATE** 22/7/15: Campaign Office is now on Our crowdfunding campaign is on! Support us today and help us spread the word!

**UPDATE** 17/7/15: Our work has been chosen to be featured on the history channel webpisodes! Thanks to everyone for your kind support! 😀 😀 😀

I put this game/video together with my friend Zhan Hui as an entry to the 50ON50 competition held by History channel.

Campaigns are all about the people, they are often held to improve a certain aspect of our surrounding. As our nation celebrates SG50, i thought it would be great to remind ourselves what shaped our society and mindsets and also to be more aware of the on-going campaigns around us.

As a game design student, i am excited to contribute to our SG50 celebration with a video game. I hope everyone who plays the game will have a fun time! Thank you


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