CampaignFTW : Simulation Game


Introducing everyone to my latest project: CampaignFTW. This version was completed with the help of 3 other classmates. However i will be working on it alone from here on. CFTW is a simulation game which allows players to manage and organise campaigns.

Hire, train and fire staff to build the most optimal campaign team to help your clause. All your staff will generate stats based on their abilities and the generated stats will in turn generate more followers with each passing day.

For campaigns, if you chose a good combination of a target group, a subject and an item, the follower multiplier will be higher. When you run out of money, you can hold up to 3 donation drives each year. At the start of every 3rd year, elections will be open and you can run for minister and unlock more target groups.

We also included a cheat code feature which makes this single player game more fun and funny.

I had a great time developing this game. I hope to polish it up real soon and share it with everybody when it is available on stores. Check out the game play below:


3 thoughts on “CampaignFTW : Simulation Game

    1. Hi there, the target date of release is in late august. Hopefully it can be earlier. I will most probably release it on android or ios, the target platform is not set in stone yet, mainly thanks to the versatility of unity3d.

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