Coded in C# for Unity3D Game Engine

Available on the Unity Asset Store!


See below for link to User Documentation

About WDS

WeweDamageSystem is designed to allow for easy setup of a damage system based on triggers. This system is highly flexible! It is centered around two central scripts: ObjectScript and DamageScript. The other scripts in the system enhances the functionality of the two basic scripts. Hence you have the choice of implementing only the features you need. There are numerous variables and effects you can play around with. WDS is a feature rich damage system and it covers both the damage logic as well as damage user interface output.

With no scripting – Start dealing damage immediately

With some scripting – Integrate your animations and inputs

With more scripting – Create your own system interacting with WDS

Implement it in any type of project that requires damage to be dealth: RPG, Turn based fighting, Fighting games, Racing Cars, Infinite Runner, Shooting Games and so many more!

Scripted by Wewejune 😀

For support or any queries, please email me at wewejune@gmail.com.

Thank you! 😀

Full User Documentation: WDS_UserDocumentation


WDS_Screenshot1 WDS_Screenshot2

WDS_Screenshot3 WDS_Screenshot4


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